The 2019 One Minute Message Virtual Video Festival
It only takes a minute to open your heart,
steel your will, clarify your vision
and restore your faith in humanity.
Are you weary of all the noise around you today?
Do you long for authentic inspiration?
Do you crave conversation that feeds your soul?
Join Creator & Host Katherine Robertson-Pilling for 40 days.
Watch to be inspired by extraordinary people, 18 to 81, from 20 countries in 25 areas of human endeavor.
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Watch to be inspired by 40 extraordinary people, 18 to 81, from 20 countries in 25 areas of human endeavor.
Weekly Themes
Human Rights
Human Resources
December 8th-14th
Social Change
December 15th-21st
Future Survival Skills
December 29th -
January 9th
Individual Well-being
December 22nd-28th
Our Food and Our Planet
December 1st-7th
Week 5: Future Survival Skills
Week 4: Individual Well-being 
Week 3: Social Change
Week 2: Human Rights / Human Resources
Week 1: Our Food and Our Planet
What is your One Minute Message to the world? 
Do you have a vision for a life that matters?
Do you sometimes feel you're sacrificing what matters most
to you in service to it?
How do you take care of yourself while taking care of the world? 

Come join our community of purpose-driven visionaries to renew your vision and restore yourself while getting the job done. 
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How do you live your message? 
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